Exciting news, updated offerings <3

Hey everyone,  I am excited to share with you two new offerings: tie & tease sessions and body to body sessions. 

As I’ve evolved as a provider, my offerings have organically expanded as well.

I see tantra as a gateway to access different parts of ourselves that are otherwise hidden or don’t have an outlet to be expressed in the outside, or “day-to-day” world. Whether that is silliness, darkness, vulnerability or sensuality, underneath the armor of day to day life, there is a whole plethora of emotion, sensation, and revelation to access, express and experience. The tie and tease sessions allow for a range of intensity, sensuality, and submission, which we negotiate and create together. My body to body sessions are fun explorations of sensual play, touch, body slides, and cuddling. 

If either of these pique your interest or you’d like more info on these sessions or my classic tantra offering, do get in touch. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

with love,