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Tantra and lingam massage in Murray Hill NYC. Have questions about what a tantric experience is like? Check out Adrienne’s FAQ.


Q: I'm new to Tantra. Can you explain what it is? 

A: Sure! Tantra is an elusive subject ranging from the esoteric to the practical, so it's hard to pinpoint one definition. That being said, here are some ideas I've found helpful: Tantra is a spiritual philosophy that acknowledges our physical bodies as a vehicle for evolution on this planet. Instead of disconnecting from your bodily sensations, and the pleasure that’s available to you, a Tantric philosophy encourages bringing consciousness to your body in order to evolve, with the intention of channelling it towards creativity, rather than expressing it unconsciously. 

Q: Why do you do this work? 

A: Intimacy is powerful and I believe we heal through the body and in connection with others. I believe in intimacy is an independent value on its own right and in the power and the integrity of intimacy to connect, to heal, and to empower. The ability to connect in this way is transformative and creates a ripple effect of healing. My intention is that you take this into your own personal life in your relationship with your self, your body and your relationships. After I graduated from university, I felt disillusioned with the academia for the way it seemed to reward and encourage a fundamental disconnect from the body, of which my career felt like a continuation. I've experienced the profound impact that this work has had on myself and others, and I cannot help but continue to return to the practice.

Q: How did you get into this work? 

A: A bottomless curiosity and persistent search for truth led me to embodied practices, traveling to India, and seeking out teachers. Coming home to my own body, through tantric and yogic philosophies, opened a doorway to understanding the potential of human being's life force. It has been one of my longest sustaining passions!

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